Hello BarbieTM Hologram

General FAQ

Q: What is Hello Barbie Hologram?

Hello Barbie Hologram is a simulated holographic experience that puts a playful twist on the digital assistant trend that brings Barbie to life for the very first time as a voice-activated holographic friend for girls (ages 6+). Features include music and dance, time and weather, alarm clock, nightlight, the ability to "Choose your Barbie" from a variety of avatars, and get-out-of-your-seat challenges to activate play throughout the day.

Q: Why would my child like Hello Barbie Hologram?

Hello Barbie Hologram puts girls in charge of interaction, fostering independence through play in a delightful Barbie way. Girls get to choose what Barbie does and when she does it, from different dance moves to favorite songs, and customizing alarms and nightlights, to engaging in a variety of fashions and challenges.

Q: How does it work?

The two magic words "Hello Barbie" spark the toy to life. Follow this with simple, conversational voice commands and access all the features. Want to have a dance party? Say, "Hello Barbie", wait for the pink light, then say, "Play some music!" Not sure what to wear to school in the morning? Say, "Hello Barbie," wait for the pink light, then say, "What's the weather today?" Each command is met with the delightfully surprising simulated holographic experience which includes animation, sound and voice responses.

Q: How do parents setup Hello Barbie Hologram?
  • The one-time setup process requires a parent or guardian to download the Hello Barbie Hologram Companion App at no charge from the App Store or Google Play onto a supported smart device (not included). Data rates may apply.
  • Works with iPhone and iPad. Apple devices must use iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Works with Android mobile devices with Android 4.4.4 or later.
  • As part of the one-time setup process, the Companion App requests the adult give consent in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • The setup process then walks parents through parental controls, experience customizations, and how to connect the toy to an in-home WiFi network. By completing the setup process, parents authorize use of Hello Barbie Hologram.
  • Parents can also connect the toy to a smart device via Bluetooth to enable streaming music.
  • For Help and How-To Videos, parents can consult the Companion App.
Q: What information will parents need to provide to setup Hello Barbie Hologram?

Setup requires a parent's email address and WiFi network name and WiFi password. Zip code is optional and allows access to local weather. Parents can also optionally provide a child's birth day and month to access other features, including birthday announcements and a birthday countdown.

Q: Can Hello Barbie Hologram be turned off?

Yes, Hello Barbie Hologram has an on/off button.

Q: Does Hello Barbie Hologram work when it is not connected to WiFi?


Q: What WiFi networks are supported?

Hello Barbie Hologram only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi. 802.11b/g/n network modes are supported.

Q: Can I use Hello Barbie Hologram when it's not plugged in?

No. Hello Barbie Hologram only works when plugged into an electrical outlet using the included power adapter.

Q: When is Hello Barbie Hologram listening for the magic words?

Hello Barbie Hologram is listening for the words "Hello Barbie" when turned on, plugged in, and connected to WiFi.

Q: Does Hello Barbie Hologram recognize languages other than American English?

Hello Barbie Hologram will speak and respond to American English only.

Q: Can Hello Barbie Hologram say my child's name?


Q: Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Click Here for iOS
Click Here for Google Play


Q: Is Hello Barbie Hologram safe?

Mattel is deeply committed to safety, data security, and adhering to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), an important law designed to protect the privacy of children under 13. As part of the commitment of Mattel and its service providers to complying with COPPA and other applicable laws, Hello Barbie Hologram does not collect any personally identifiable information from your child, other than an optional birth day and month so your child can get a special birthday greeting. Hello Barbie Hologram requires parental consent for setup and does not store voice data. You can reset the Hello Barbie Hologram to manufacturer settings to wipe all data on the device at any time.

To review Mattel's complete Privacy Statement, please visit http://corporate.mattel.com/privacy-statement.aspx

Q: What personal information are you capturing about my family?

Registering Hello Barbie Hologram requires a parent email address. Other information, including zip code, birth day and month for your child, and holidays can be optionally provided by the adult setting up the toy to enable certain features like weather, a birthday greeting, or holiday greetings.

Q: Can personal information about my child be captured or compromised?

We minimize the personally identifiable information we have about you and your child. For example, we only use voice data to provide the service and do not store it. We do not require more personal information than is necessary for your child to have an enjoyable and engaging experience with the toy.

Q: What information is stored in the device and what is being pulled from the internet?

It is not possible for your child to access the internet directly through Hello Barbie Hologram. The only internet-based information employed by users of the toy is weather data and time.

Q: Can photos of my child or their room be captured/stolen?

No. Hello Barbie Hologram is not equipped with a camera.

Q: How will you use the data you collect? Are you selling information about my child to any third parties?

We will capture product play information - for example, which features are being used the most - to help us provide an even better play experience in the future. Again, we limit the collection of personally identifiable information about you and your child to information necessary to provide the service and improve our products, and we do not sell it to third parties.

Q: Is Barbie listening to things happening in my child's room?

No. The wake phrase "Hello Barbie" is required to activate the listening function, which listens for a command for six seconds. While powered on, the toy does not actively listen for anything other than the wake phrase, which the toy can recognize without accessing the internet. The toy also can be easily powered off to disable response to the wake words as well.

Q: Could Hello Barbie Hologram and her user's conversations be intercepted (or hacked) via the WiFi network it is set up on?

We care about privacy and security. That's why data transmissions to and from the product are encrypted. However, we cannot provide assurances that this or any other product or online service is hack-safe.

Q: How will Hello Barbie Hologram respond to an inappropriate question?

Hello Barbie Hologram has been designed to re-direct inappropriate conversations. Hello Barbie Hologram will neither acknowledge inappropriate questions nor repeat offensive words.

Q: How do you know if Hello Barbie Hologram is connected to the Internet via WiFi?

Hello Barbie Hologram will appear on screen and will greet you.

Q: If I delete the companion app, would the device still work?

Yes, so long as the device is connected to the internet via WiFi.

Q: How close must someone be to Hello Barbie Hologram for it to capture voice data?

15 feet in a normal, quiet room.

Q: How long will Hello Barbie Hologram be supported?

Mattel will provide privacy and security updates through at least May 1, 2019.

Q: If I delete the Companion App will I still get updates?

Yes, Hello Barbie Hologram will be updated through at least May 1, 2019 regardless of whether you have the Companion App installed.

Q: Does a user have to do anything actively to get privacy and security updates?

No, Hello Barbie Hologram automatically downloads and installs updates from time to time during play and tells you when this is taking place.

Q: Does Hello Barbie Hologram support 3rd party apps?

No, 3rd party apps cannot be installed to Hello Barbie Hologram.

Q: Can children purchase products using Hello Barbie Hologram or the app?

No products are offered for sale through Hello Barbie Hologram or the Hello Barbie Hologram Companion app.

Q: If I want to sell or give away Hello Barbie Hologram, how can I be sure my child's information is not transferred?

The toy can be reset to manufacturer settings, wiping all data and information, at any time. Please see the User Manual for details.

Q: How can I access, update or delete information you have about my child?

Birth day, month and zip code can be accessed, updated, or deleted through the Hello Barbie Hologram Companion App.

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