Barbie Bandana Imagination Fun - Learning Through Dreamtopia

Lesson: Flexibility

Bandana Imagination

A rainstorm keeps Chelsea from playing outside, which leads her to think about Dreamtopia. While she's there, she encounters an outbreak of static electricity, that wreaks havoc on everyone's special Dance Party hairstyle. They must find the source of the problem or their party will be ruined. When they realize they can't control the static, they agree to roll with it. In the real world, Chelsea and Honey decide to put on their rain gear and go puddle jumping outside!

The ability to think of a problem in a new way, also called flexible thinking, helps children cope with change. : This imagination-building activity gets your child to brainstorm all the ways they can use a bandana.

What To Do

  1. Discuss how your child feels whenever the rain keeps them inside. Talk about other things you’ve done on rainy days. Then, introduce the idea of flexible thinking, which you are about to practice.
  2. Take a bandana or a scarf. Ask your child what you can use it for. Brainstorm lots of options. You’ll be amazed what you can come up with. For example, you can:
    • Wear it on your head as a kerchief
    • Use it as a belt
    • Use it to blow your nose
    • Wipe up a spill with it
    • Wrap up a snack in it
    • Tie it onto a stick to carry something
    • Use it as a collar for your stuffed animal
    • Etc.
  3. See how many options you can think of!

Discussion Questions

  • Why is Chelsea sad when the episode begins?
  • What do Barbie and Chelsea think will happen if they don’t find what is causing the static?
  • What do the girls learn when they realize they can’t change the weather?

Follow-Up Activities

Go beyond the bandana: Opportunities to practice flexible thinking and use your imagination are everywhere!


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