Barbie Scavenger Hunt Fun - Learning Through Dreamtopia

Lesson: Listening

Scavenger Hunt

Chelsea is practicing cartwheels but doesn’t want any tips from Barbie. Chelsea’s imagination takes her to Dreamtopia, where she participates in the challenging Hairathalon. Chelsea performs well until she reaches the intimidating Mullet Gullet. There she seeks advice from Barbie, whose encouraging words help her complete the competition. Back in the real world, Chelsea is ready to accept help with her cartwheel technique!

Whether listening is used to follow directions, comprehend rules, or understand the perspective of another child, it is an essential skill for a young child’s academic and social success. This activity uses a scavenger hunt to help your child practice their listening skills.

Activity Recommendations

Individual or small group supervised by an adult.

What You'll Need

  • 8 small gift boxes (they should all be the same size)
  • Household objects to place in the boxes (dried beans, coins, uncooked rice, ribbons, string, paper clips, etc.)

What To Do

  1. To start the scavenger hunt activity, place objects in each box.
  2. Put 4 different boxes on a chair or table. Hide the other boxes around the kitchen or in another room.
  3. You’ll need to be sure your child puts on his or her listening ears! Tell your child to shake each box, one at a time, to hear what sound it makes. Then, explain they need to find another box that makes the same sound.
  4. Once a box is found, it’s time to match it to another one that makes the same sound. Boxes with string can be pretty tricky—kids often think there’s nothing in them!
  5. Once the boxes are matched for sound, kids can guess what objects are inside that make the sound.

Discussion Questions

  • Why doesn’t Chelsea want to listen to Barbie’s advice about her cartwheels?
  • How does Chelsea feel about Mullet Gullet when she decides to accept Barbie’s help?

Follow-Up Activities

Classic games like Simon Says, I Spy, and Telephone are fun to play and great ways to practice listening skills.


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