Barbie Extra

With so many fashions to choose from, girls can tell endless stories with looks that let them express their fashion personality.

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What is so Extra about Barbie® EXTRA?

Meet new friends that are oh-so EXTRA rocking unique styles paired with pets & tons of accessories.

Bold & Over-the-Top Fashions

Barbie® EXTRA dolls dial it up a whole new level with extravagant hairstyles, bold color choices, and playful, over-the-top looks.

Premium Accessories

Each doll comes with 15 made to slay fashion accessories, giving off EXTRA vibes for days. Perfect for both kids and collectors!


Even their pets are oh so EXTRA! Each doll is paired with a pet that has its own style and personality.

Posable Dolls with Articulated Bodies

Barbie® EXTRA features different body shapes & face sculpts. These dolls are always ready to confidently strike a pose.

Something Extra is Coming - Nov 16

EXTRA Outfit Play

Kids can unleash their inner trendsetter with Barbie EXTRA fashions for countless styling possibilities.

Barbie® EXTRA! Oh My Wow! 👀

Barbie Fashion Closet

Barbie® EXTRA can now be found in this ultimate fashion salon experience. Kids can create new looks and dress up Barbie and her friends!