The Celebration Begins With the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll!

By Allen Voivod

A "diamond jubilee" marks the occasion of a 60th anniversary. Anything with that kind of lasting influence deserves to be celebrated! So allow us to humbly present the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll, which embodies all the class and elegance this moment in time deserves.

Time has a way of flying faster as it goes – it barely seems like the blink of an eye since the 50th! But here we are for the 60th, and Barbie® looks as stunning as she did back in 1959, when the world caught its collective breath as the Original Teenage Fashion Model made her debut at the New York Toy Fair.

To commemorate her diamond anniversary, we've blended nostalgic details and modern style in an homage to Barbie® doll's fashion heritage. She wears a cascading ball gown twinkling with silvery sparkles. Black, open-toed mules and golden hoop earrings complete the ensemble. Reminiscent of the original Barbie® doll, Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll’s look features iconic details, like her signature ponytail with a dramatic twist, red lip, and side-eye glance.

The doll comes in both Caucasian and African-American versions, and arrives in special 60th anniversary packaging featuring black and white stripes and highlighted with accents of Barbie® doll’s signature pink. The doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity are also included, along with a special wrist tag reminiscent of the original tags from way back when.

A diamond jubilee only comes around once in a lifetime. It's an event you can't afford to miss, and when there's a doll like this to honor the historic milestone, you can't let the opportunity pass you by. Early access to the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll is now open for Platinum and Gold Status members. Get her for your collection today – she’s the kind of keepsake you'll want to own for generations to come!


Production dolls may vary from the images shown.