Celebrate 80 Years of Marvel Comics With Mystique,Storm, and Dark Phoenix Dolls!

It's the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics, and Barbie® Signature is joining the celebration with a tribute to three legendary X-Men characters – Storm Barbie® Doll, Mystique Barbie® Doll, and Dark Phoenix Barbie® Doll!

Designer Bill Greening led the Barbie® Signature team during this action-packed collaboration, and graciously answered our questions about the dolls and the project process in this exclusive interview.


What did you appreciate most about participating in this project?

It’s something I've heard requested for many years from both Barbie® collectors and comic book fans, so I was really excited to take on the project.

The Marvel Universe has many iconic female characters that are strong and empowering, so it was fun to bring them to “life” in the Barbie Signature line up. Marvel is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019 and Barbie is celebrating her 60th, so it’s an exciting time for two powerhouse brands to collaborate and celebrate together.

What can you tell us about the process of selecting these three characters, and how you went about designing their looks?

We had a list of about 10 female characters we suggested. The Marvel team then helped us narrow it down to 3 based on their knowledge of fan favorites.

Once the characters were established, we had to narrow it down to which version of the character would be most iconic. The costumes for each have changed throughout the years. (The dolls are based on comic book looks, not the theatrical releases.)

I wanted to make sure the fans of these characters felt like the Barbie® team was going to do them justice, capturing all the important details that will set these dolls apart.

What would you say is your favorite detail (or details!) for each of the dolls?

Storm Barbie® Doll: She's such an iconic, visually powerful female superhero. I think just the doll in its entirety is exciting to see in 3-D. Her platinum hair really stands out with her skin tone. Her cape adds a lot drama to her costume.

Mystique Barbie® Doll: I mean, who doesn’t want a blue Barbie®? I love how the colors work with her look. Blue skin, bright red hair, yellow eyes.

Dark Phoenix Barbie® Doll: I love her fiery red hair. It has subtle highlights that creates depth. And her eyes are glowing with power!


Each of the three dolls are painted to the likeness of the character, and the doll bodies feature articulation in the arms and legs to ready them for powerful poses. And now, it's time for you to exercise your own superpowers: Fly over to the online shop and add these dolls to your collection today!

Storm Barbie® DollMystique Barbie® Doll, and Dark Phoenix Barbie® Doll all debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and made quite the splash! If you missed the excitement, don't worry – we're coming to save the day with the dramatic video reveal.

In the video embedded below, you'll get to learn more about these powerful characters, and see photos and 360-degree views of each doll. Watch it now!



Video not showing up for you? Click here to watch the Marvel Barbie Dolls video on YouTube!


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