Barbie® Gymnastic Coach Dolls & Playset | DKJ21 | Barbie
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Barbie® Gymnastic Coach Dolls & Playset

Ages: 3 & up
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    Teacher and protégé are ready to reach for the gold with practice in a variety of events. Pick your favorite to start. Use the ribbon that fits in each dolls' hand to act out rhythmic dance. Hit the mats" with the hoop. Or snap the student's wrists into the clips on the bar and move the lever to watch her spin around with super stunts! Then award the "gold" medal or pink starred trophy for a perfect 10. A towel, gym bag and water bottle add realistic touches to expand the possibilities for play. Barbie doll is ready to coach her student to a championship wearing shorts and athletic jacket over a colorful plastic leotard. A whistle completes the coaching look. Play out practice or a perfect performance because with Barbie, you can be anything!

    • Dimensions: 2.5 x 12.8 x 8.5"
    SKU #: DKJ21
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