Help For New Collectors

Doll Value

Like many collectors, you may find yourself wondering what your Barbie® collection is worth. Mattel does not maintain secondary market pricing information, nor do we participate in secondary market trading, buying or selling of older dolls. Collector books, doll magazines, and Internet auction sites are your best bets for determining the value of a particular doll. Remember, this information may vary considerably and fluctuate over time, so it is best to consult a variety of sources. Mattel does not specifically endorse these sources or attest to the accuracy or reliability of any information they may provide.

Pricing Sources

Mattel does not guarantee that any product will increase in value. Some dolls increase in value, some depreciate and others remain the same. Countless books have been published about the history and evolution of Barbie® dolls, with some specifically devoted to the hobby of collecting. Such books can serve as tremendous resources, so browse your local bookseller for the most current titles available.

The online trading community is another good place to obtain value information. Check Internet auction sites for completed items to get a better idea of what your dolls may be worth.

Investing in Barbie®

So, how do you decide if dolls are worth the investment? Stay informed. Read books and magazines. Talk to fellow collectors. Go to shows. Join a local club. Know prices. Think about a doll's uniqueness, quality and workmanship. And, perhaps most importantly, buy those that appeal to you most. That way, investment or not, you've made a beautiful choice.