The Celebration Begins With the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll!

By Allen Voivod

With a shared passion for everything pop, Barbie® celebrates the artistic impact of renowned artist Keith Haring, whose colorful work continues to inspire and delight! Keith Haring X Barbie® Doll honors Haring’s life and legacy with a fashion that embodies his distinct visual language.

Keith Haring shook the 1980s art scene with his unique style and impactful designs – his subway drawings drew the eyes of thousands of Americans who would later recognize his work in the form of murals, sculptures, and apparel design. Haring’s dynamic work, composed of bold lines and vivid colors, did much to shape the fashion of the 1980s, and his unparalleled style continues to inspire, long after.

Featuring iconic illustrations by the esteemed artist, Keith Haring X Barbie® Doll pays tribute to Haring’s work with a head-to-toe graphic ensemble. Layered over a mesh tank, Barbie® doll wears an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt featuring Haring’s famed ‘Radiant Baby.’ Haring’s dancing figures are depicted on Barbie® doll’s crisp, white stiletto boots with black soles, and in an all-over print on her electric-pink pants.

Bright details, including silvery hoop earrings with details inspired by Haring’s ‘Radiant Baby,’ multi-colored bangles, and red sunglasses, make the perfect pairing to the artist’s vibrant palette. Barbie® also carries a metallic purse with a boom box illustration, wears her hair in a top-knot twisted braid, and completes this bold look with colorful makeup.

Haring’s work continues to touch the lives of new generations – just like Barbie® does! That’s why Keith Haring X Barbie® Doll is both a collectible treasure and a definitive celebration of two timeless pop-culture icons. As a Gold Label™ doll, she will only be produced in limited quantities, so get yours today in the online shop!


© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.